Critical Questions To Ask A Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many questions you should ask before you hire a personal injury lawyer. The questions you need to ask include when the lawsuit will be filed, whether your case will go to trial, and how much your case may end up paying. These questions are critical to ask when looking to hire your personal injury lawyer.

You should always know when the lawyer intends to file the lawsuit. People natural gravitate towards not doing anything until there is a deadline and lawyers are no different. You want your case to be filed as soon as possible so ask the lawyer what their deadline is going to be. Your deadline should be within two weeks and so you need to get an idea as to what their deadline is. It is critical to know what your lawyer’s deadlines are going to be when you look to hire a personal injury lawyer.

You also need to ask your personal injury lawyer whether or not they expect the case to go to trial. While many cases do get settled out of court you may not want a lawyer that expects to settle. If your lawyer tells you that they intend to settle out of court that may be a sign that the lawyer is scared to take the case to trial. If your lawyer is afraid to take a case to trial then they may end up settling for less just to avoid taking the case to trial. Also be sure to ask your lawyer for a rough time frame for the case. They probably will not be able to give you exact answers but you deserve to roughly know what is going to happen. Most personal injury cases are settled within two or three years so if your lawyer tells you an extremely short time frame or an extremely long one you should ask for an explanation. A rough framework of the case is necessary before you hire a personal injury lawyer.

Your lawyer should also know what the case is worth. This will vary from case to case but an experienced personal injury lawyer will know whether your case is worth a lot of money or not. Ask for a ballpark figure when you consult a lawyer for the first time. If the lawyer throws out a number that seems way too high to you then ask why they think that the case is worth so much, they should have an answer for you before you answer. You do not want to hire a lawyer that has unrealistic expectations for your case.

There are many other questions you should ask a potential personal injury lawyer but these questions are a great starting point.