Three Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring DUI Attorneys

When experiencing a DUI arrest, it can be difficult for the arrested party to focus on the problems at hand. Worries about the personal issues that led such a decision, how this will affect your family’s well-being, how your earning power will be affected, fear of imprisonment, and anxiety about potential loss of employment can all cloud your judgment and keep you from making the right choice in DUI attorneys to ensure your livelihood. Continue reading for questions you should ask yourself upon arrest about hiring DUI attorneys.

How Does This Attorney Plan On Managing My Case?

DUI attorneys are often spread very thin. It is imperative of the client to find out just how the attorney will go about representing them. Will these DUI attorneys keep me in the loop regarding my case? Is the attorney I hired going to be the only one working on my case, or will it be spread out among several DUI attorneys within the same firm?

You may also be wondering if the attorney you choose will be your regularly scheduled liaison at the firm. Depending on the severity of your case, you may feel comfortable having it be worked by one lawyer, or a team of DUI attorneys.

Being able to contact your DUI attorneys regularly will also be an important factor in who you choose to defend you. Having all of these aspects ironed out before hiring DUI attorneys will be crucial to your case.

How Much Will These Services Cost Me?

Many DUI attorneys will take the case regardless of your financial status. Some will charge a flat fee, wherein a price for the entirety of the case will be negotiated up front.

However, some DUI attorneys charge their clients by the hour. This leads to a more costly endeavor, as attorneys can bill the client for hours where they are doing work on the case independently, without even seeing them.

For these reasons, it is vital to ask your DUI attorney how you will be billed for the services rendered before choosing them to represent you. Some will accept deferred payments or allow you to set up a payment plan wherein you pay off your bill over the course of a few months.

What Is The DUI Attorney’s Assessment Of My Case?

It is best to discuss the particulars of your case when having your initial consultation. Without knowing the whole story behind your arrest, DUI attorneys are unable to provide much information as to their ability to help you.

By knowing all of the details, DUI attorneys can give you their best educated guess as to what the outcome will be. Ask them about the strong points and weak points of your case and how long it will take the case to go to trial. Find out what their suggested legal strategy is and if they feel like you have a real opportunity to win.